This is what friends do for each other

Last Tuesday I went to the weekly farmer’s market to buy groceries. I always try to go to the market when I can to buy produce and visit with the local artisans that also set up there. The people you meet and get to know at the market are so much cooler than those you see in the regular grocery store. There just is no other way to put it. I meet all sorts of people from the area and the artisans who make everything from jewelry to beautiful hand thrown pottery. It reminds me of the type of relationships that existed between shopkeepers and customers many years ago.  Now, when you go into a large grocery store or big box store you feel like cattle instead of customers. Recently, they added an indoor part at the market where you can find the fish vendors, a bakery, and even a small coffee shop. When I was at the market last week I had to duck in there when an unexpected rainstorm hit out of nowhere. Of course, I was still drenched and the air conditioning seemed to be blasting me with a chilly breeze. I started to shiver from the cold. I understand that the area needs to be climate controlled due to the items that are sold in there but it seemed to be working overtime.  Luckily the storm broke abruptly and the Summer heat returned to warm me up. The sunshine made for a wonderful furnace. Now, when I go to the market I will remember to take two things, an umbrella, and a sweater incase I need to shop inside.


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