This is stressful

Jan is tired of the Summer heat that has been so bad this season. She feels as though she’s been living in a walk-in freezer, and her monthly utility bill has been completely off the charts this Summer! The irony about this statement is that Jan was just saying how  much she disliked Wintertime cold, just a few short months ago. It was a Wintertime that felt like it would never end with snow in May! Ever since climate change has been begun to be an issue, the weather patterns have been so extreme! Jan has a central air conditioner plan for her home right now, even though she knows it is wasting energy. She is cooling rooms that she barely uses on a regular basis. She doesn’t recognize how much longer she can go on like this. Her housing budget is exceeding our normal limits at the moment! Honestly, she knows the main hours of day when she needs the air conditioner is at night time when she wants to sleep. When it gets so hot and humid, she finds it nearly impossible to sleep without air conditioner, and so, this month she decided to rent window box air conditioners to use in her bedroom at night. She wanted to shut down the central cooling system. She was hoping that would generate a wonderful deal of savings for the rest of the awful Summer heat, however now she’ll need to find a solution for her Wintertime heating bill as well. It just may be time to consider moving to the tropics!

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