This is bothering me

I’ve been looking for some better furniture lately because our giant dog Rufus ruined our outdated couch.   Even though, technically, Rufus wasn’t even allowed on the furniture, he still considered himself to be a lap dog.  This was funny because Rufus was a Saint Bernard who weighed almost 175 pounds! It was actually no wonder that our couch was ruined! Rufus drooled like a broken water pipe.  Anyway, every single furniture store that I’ve been in the last two weeks has had the same problem. All of them have been freezing inside! Granted, it has been hot out lately. It is the middle of summer, after all, then but for some reason, the furniture stores around here seem to set their thermostats to Arctic Blast plus just leave them that way all day. The first store I went to, I suppose the thermostat was actually set at 55 degrees. It was so cold in there that I didn’t even want to sit on any of their couches! I just wanted to get back outside where it was warm! The seventh store I went to was no better. The temperature in there was actually colder than the first furniture! The a/c was just pouring through the ventilation ducts in the couch and sofa sections so I could really think the cold breeze blowing through my hair! I assume if I’m actually going to get a newer couch.  I’m going to either have to learn to deal with overactive air conditioning system or bring my winter hat and coat into the supercooled furniture stores! I mean, a little bit of a/c goes a long way, if you ask me.

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