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I’ve recently been pondering doing my oldest passion in life; creating arts & crafts os a career, i never really thought I could absolutely make money doing something that I’ve always wanted to do, however, I’ve turned a new leaf. I am going to stop being scared of potentially failing and decided to jump headfirst into creating art for a living.  I would absolutely enjoy this and that’s why I’m currently going to invest in a new workspace art studio. I don’t need much, 4 walls, some roofing & natural lighting in order to be cheerful. But I do need temperature control too. It would be nuts to try to work without and heating & cooling in a workshop. This is why I’m looking thoughtfully into adding a new room to my house. If I do I could walk straight out from the kitchen into my workspace without abandoning the comfort of the temperature control unit. I would simply extend our current centralized heating & cooling units to service the new addition as well. If run a bunch more HVAC duct into the workshop area it could utilize the current Heating & Air Conditioning unit without having to buy a system. I suppose people do not suggest extending your heating & cooling units into larger areas because they will become inefficient to operate but I don’t see a big deal with this. I might have to spend more money to run battling heating & AC units, however,  I know I will it make up when I become a world wide famous artist.

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