This is a nice HVAC unit

Online constantly talks about getting your cooling program inspected. Two times a year the cooling program needs to be looked at by an oil furnace and A/C professional. The HVAC company comes in the Fall to put the AC equipment away for the season. They check for rust, destruction or corrosion on the cooling components. Then in the Spring, they come back to perform an air conditioning system tune up. They add refrigerant, coolant, lubrication, oil plus tighten any loose parts! Your AC program will not be as efficient, they say. It will prematurely break down and die before its time with no HVAC service. I am telling you that this is a lie. My air conditioning equipment gets none of these things. However every few weeks I change the air filter on the air conditioning system. Periodically I stick our vacuum in the vents to get the dust out! Every so often, I remove the mildew from the condensate drain plus check the cooling coil for mold. But other than those things, the AC sees no love. I don’t have an air conditioning business coming in twice a year. The air conditioning system gets no professional AC tune ups, maintenance or repairs. It simply gets me messing with it a few times a year. Time after time, the air conditioning system turns on plus it works great. I have never had it just not turn on or cause our bills to skyrocket. I honestly think AC maintenance is a scam designed by the oil furnace and AC companies. You don’t really need to get it. The cooling equipment works just nice in the dust.

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