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I live in a large city where driving is not possible, nor is it convenient.  The best way to travel around the city is by public transportation. This is true no matter where you go in the city.  Some people prefer using buses or taxis, despite the fact that I like the train. The train is not normally affected by traffic like a bus or taxi would be so it is the most efficient system of transportation.  Millions of dollars are spent on updating the public transportation system in my city every year. They are constantly repairing the trains and putting out new trains. I like riding in the new trains because they are more spacious, cleaner, and air conditioned in the summer.  Nothing is more dreadful than when I am waiting for a train to pull up and I see an old train come to my station, but those trains are unclean, uncomfortable, and very warm. We get some high un-even temperatures during the summer months, so the train stations become hot because they are underground.  It feels like a sauna, so stepping onto the hot trains makes it much worse. I wish they would either spend money to install A/C units in the old trains or upgrade the old trains with new trains altogether. The trains get packed swiftly, so the body heat escalates the overall temperature even faster. The new trains allow the busyness of the trains to be bearable, but the old trains make me feel suffocated during the peak rush hours.  Hopefully, they will fix this problem and make public transportation more bearable!

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