This house is hot

Our new family bakery was a success after only four months! My cousin and I always loved baking and our friends and extended family always asked for us to bake for their special occasions. Initially we would deliver our goods in our vehicles but decided that our desserts were so popular, we might as well open our own shop. Now we are selling cakes faster than we can make them, which is a nice problem to have for a business that was just starting. We made sure to have a multi split A/C plan and had to focus heavily on temperature control so the desserts didn’t become moldy and wilted. The indoor air air levels is also extremely crucial because it maintains the taste and consistency of the desserts! Who knew there was such crucial service when it comes to owning a bake shop? My cousin is in charge of maintaining our air conditioner temperature and communicating with our local HVAC professionals for our seasonal tuneup. This is a job just as crucial as ordering butter, cream, and flour from our local vendor. Not only do we want to preserve the taste of our desserts we want to be like a store in a mall. We want our customers to lounge, enjoy a cupcake and coffee while they use our WiFi and work on their assignments on their PC. An innovative yet fun way to bring in crowds of all ages, whether they’re in school or a part of the working world. They can’t do that if they’re perspiring because our A/C unit decides to stop working.

central A/C 

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