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My two brothers and I were raised by our Grandparents, and they were lovely.  My Grandma and Grandfather saw us through grade school, high school and college, giving us endless financial and emotional support.  Now that my brothers and I are adults and living on our own, we try to take good care of our Grandparents. My oldest brother oversees all of the upkeep around the outside of their house.  Since he owns a landscaping and contracting business, this falls within his area of expertise. He handles the yardwork, gutters, roof and all of that stuff. My younger brother is basically a combination secretary and chauffeur for my Grandparents.  He sets up all of their appointments, runs their errands and drives them around. My responsibility is the interior of the house. I make sure the house is clean and all appliances are running proficiently. To make my job as easy as possible, I’ve hired a maid service and enrolled HVAC maintenance program. The HVAC program includes priority scheduling, no overtime fees for repairs and two repair calls per year.  A licensed contractor calls up my Grandparents and arranges a time to inspect the gas furnace or cooling system. With a thorough cleaning, tuning and troubleshooting the contractor combats any potential malfunctions. I can be sure that the gas furnace and cooling system are operating safely, efficiently and reliably. Also if the heating or cooling equipment is nearing the end of its life, the HVAC contractor lets me know.  This way I can be sure that my Grandma and Grandfather are never left without heating or cooling or faced with an expensive repair.

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