This has been a big surprise

Because summers are notoriously short where I live, I have been able to get by with open windows, box fans, plus a single portable cooling system that goes in my dining room window. I had the same portable cooling system for over thirteen years. The device is pretty bulky and heavy. I used to store the cooling system in the attic of my parents’ place when it’s cold out, but that was just a pain every time I had to get it out. My back also hurt when I had to put it in place. A few years ago, I ended up pushing the cooling system right out of my apartment window. It fell three stories only to smash on the ground below. I’m just glad I didn’t hurt anyone. When I drove to the local hardware store to purchase a new cooling unit, I was surprised by the improvements in efficiency and design. The newer models were much smaller, charmingly lightweight, in addition to reasonably priced. I was able to install the new cooling system in less than thirty minutes. Once I turned it on, I was amazed by how quiet the operation was plus amount of cool air it gave me. This compact cooling system is able to completely cool the entire space in fifteen minutes flat. It is more energy efficient than the previous model plus offers all sorts of cool new features. It came with a cordless remote which allows me to make changes to settings from the comfort of my couch. I can even adjust my fans with this remote. I’m so glad I ended up upgrading my HVAC unit.

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