This guy is so stubborn

My Grandfather is a stubborn man, maybe the most stubborn one on earth, actually. I know it’s true because I’m just like him.  Here’s the perfect case of his stubbornness – it all about when his clunky seasoned window component broke down at his modern condo. He’s used the same window component since I was a toddler, and now at the age of 35, I can truthfully say it’s time for the nasty thing to go! Still, I told my Grandpa that I would help him change the old one out, and that helped him accept the change a bit more easily. After the few people I was with and I trashed the unit, the people I was with and I went right on over to the hardware supercenter together and looked at chances for cooling his whole beach house down. As it turned out, window units are actually so much harder to come by in a lot of stores these mornings, as people usually appreciate using whole-room air conditioner systems for small living spaces. It seemed nifty to me, but my Grandpa immediately said that he would not! I explained to him that it looked love room conditioners would do a far better task of cooling his beach house down every day anyway, and there’s no need to make himself suffer if it’s ultimately going to cost him the same amount of cash to keep replacing window units. After talking with a single of the usual respected sales reps the people I was with and I see at the store, then my Grandpa and I felt much way better about buying the room air conditioner and taking it home just to install it ourselves.

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