This girl is a good companion

My pup is one spoiled lady. Whenever I leave the townhouse I take her with me and this includes when I go to work. I work for a small local company and I rarely have customers in my office.   This is how I’m able to bring her to work with me. I started taking her along a few years ago when I realized that my leaving the central air on all day for her was causing my energy bill to rocket. Taking her to work with me seemed like a no brainer since leaving her in a hot stuff town house all day would be very cruel. She knows when it’s time to leave in the mornings. After I get ready, she eagerly waits by the front door to leave. At the office, she has a bed that’s directly beneath an air vent, and this way she’s never far from some cool air from the air conditioner. Since I began taking her to work I noticed that our power bill at home has gone down significantly. Since I no longer have to run the air conditioner during the day, I can save energy & money. I know she enjoys her life, and I don’t think there is a more spoiled pet than her. She’s absolutely pampered, and I love having her around all of the time. She’s a enjoyable companion.  She knows to be quiet at the office so I can get my tasks completed. She’s the perfect pet to take to work, and I wouldn’t trade her for anything!

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