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We’re only weeks away from closing, and we had the inspection on our new “dream home”.  It isn’t really our dream home, but it can be, and it’s affordable. So now it’s time to meet with the Heating and Air Conditioning provider to install our new air conditioner and heating system.  A brand new Heating and Air Conditioning plan is necessary, since this was a foreclosure, and most of the old cooling and heating equipment was ripped right out of the walls. It’s rough when a family goes through bad times, but for us, it is now time to rebuild the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment and see what we’re in for, come closing day.  We already knew that it would be pretty much a full heating and cooling installation, so now we are meeting with an Heating and Air Conditioning provider that we met while renting a house nearby. The cooling system had gone out on the property, and the owner sent over a HVAC technician to get it cooling again. I don’t remember what was wrong with the air conditioner, but that worker had it fixed in about five minutes.  We were impressed with the company and the worker, so we held onto his card. That particular cooling system specialist is now a director in the office, he remembered us and told us that he’d send his guy out to talk to us about a new HVAC plan for our home, and if this new cooling system specialist is as fantastic as his boss, we’ll be in awesome hands!

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