This company is going places

When I first opened up our speciality memorabilia store, focusing on collectables from the 60s and 90s, it was slow going, however if I had not opened up an online store at the same time, I never would have stayed in business. The website carried my business partner and I through the first months, until word started to circulate that i had the coolest toys and collectables in town. These days the business is pretty good, although I still am considering shutting down the brick and mortar store and focusing just on the website.  A website has almost zero overheard, which will save us a ton of cash on certain things, but other things, like the heating and air conditioning system, are just as crucial if I have a store or not. Running the A/C has really little to do with the customers of our store, and everything to do with the inventory of our store. Our inventory is really rare and delicate, so I need to use the best quality of air filters, and the highest powered dehumidifier on the market, just to maintain the integrity of our collectables. I signed up for a usual repair package with a local heating and air conditioning supplier, just to make sure our temperature control plan is in peak current working order at all times. A heating and cooling tech will come by the store every 2 months, to check on the unit and the air duct,and make sure everything is in perfect condition. I have to pay a lot for this service, however keeping our temperature control current and working perfectly is more crucial than just a little cash.  

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