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This last year, I finally decided to move to an area that has all the main seasons.  I grew up residing in a tropical southern region where there were only two temperatures, hot or wet.  It wasn’t until I was in my early thirties that I even saw snow for the first time in my life. My hubby, however, is from an area with constant season changes, but he is well adjusted to the change of temperature plus honestly looks forward to it.  The single downfall of the constant weather change is everything else that you own has to change as well. I had to adjust to not only buying clothes for every single season but taking them out plus packing them up with the increase or decrease in overall temperature.  When we began our family, we felt it would be great to invest in an in floor heating appliance. Once the children started crawling around the property, I realized how frosty the tile floors stayed in the general residing areas. Both of us knew to expect incredibly low temperatures while in the Wintertime, so we decided to schedule a consultation with our local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation.  We seriously needed to learn more about this style of heating at the end of fall. He explained that an electric radiant system essentially consists of thin heating cables, like the wires found in an electric blanket, installed under ceramic tile. They also can be installed under flooring other than ceramic tile. However, a majority of vinyl style flooring is not recommended. The infloor system is most often installed where warm floors are better appreciated such as lavatories, basements, plus dining rooms.   The heating equipment also doesn’t raise the level of the flooring very much because the cables are so narrow. These systems are controlled by their own thermostat, so they only work to augment your main heating equipment plus do not upgrade it entirely.

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