Things are starting to cool down

I recently started working at a warehouse near town. I already have a job but I needed the extra cash. The major reason that I need the extra income is to replace my HVAC unit with a new one. The last time a repairman stopped by, he said that it would be best to replace it. He also said that trying to fix the old one would cost almost as much as a replacement, which worried me. In the end, I couldn’t afford either of them so I got the job at this warehouse. Unfortunately, the warehouse doesn’t have any form of central air or heat. There’s pretty much no way to keep us cool while we work. I mean sure, we do have plenty of water and there are those big industrial fans blowing, but all they blow is just hot air. That’s why I can’t stand this warehouse and why I can’t wait to leave. It’s just one more motivation for me to get my new HVAC system and get out of there! I can’t wait to get my brand new HVAC unit and I am also interested in upgrading to a smart thermostat. One of the features of a smart thermostat is being able to change the temperature from your smartphone!

smart thermostat 

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