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Every Thursday, I go to church with our family & friends.  This has been our regular schedule since I was a child. My earliest memories include going to church with our parents & feeling unquestionably adrift.  As a child, I couldn’t understand why I was there in the first place. I also remember resting in church in the warm temperatures & dripping with sweat unbelievably badly.  Our church could never afford to install a cheaper air conditioner. All it had was a few ceiling fans that entirely did not help combat the heat exhaustion we were feeling.  The building was always filled with several people, so the body heat was even worse. I struggled to hear the pastor back then, then when I was unquestionably small, I often sobbed because of how hot & bored I was.  Now, I face the same problem. My family & I still go to the same church & the building hasn’t had any upgrades. It still has the same large crowd & same priest. The two of us still have the same ceiling fans also.  After all of these years, I would expect that the church could save money to install a cooling system, however they still have not done this. I wonder if the priest realizes how hot it gets in the crowded church pews.  Just like when I was a child, I struggle to focus while I was in these warm time masses. Hopefully a single day, the church will find the funds to install a cooling system. I don’t expect our family to change churches, so I can only pray that they repair this problem.  Otherwise, it is unquestionably difficult to attend Thursday mass in this unbearable heat.

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