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I’ve wanted to buy an up-to-date car for a long time, however realistically speaking I suppose it’s way out of my price range, plus you can get slightly used cars for a fraction of the price due to how cars depreciate in value after being driven off the lot. I was in the market to get an up-to-date car somewhat recently – well, a car that would be up-to-date to me anyways – when a good buddy of mine requested that I check out this used car lot. He basically told me he knew the supervisor, & if we went together he could help me to get a good deal. I decided to take him up on the offer & go look around the lot with him over the course of the weekend. He & the supervisor did seem to be especially close, greeting each other enthusiastically, & the supervisor informed me that if I wanted to take any of the cars for a test drive around the back lot to just let him know about it. I inspected a couple cars, however they each had some minor complications I couldn’t ignore, like broken ACs, heating that barely was working, trouble braking, & so on. I was about to just quit searching when a single car caught my eye & I asked to drive it. The car was perfect in my opinion. It drove lovely, & when I went to test the A/C equipment I was blown away by how frosty the air blowing from the AC vents was without needing any time to get going. It was a gorgeous car and had low miles on it, however it was the A/C equipment that truly sealed the deal for me. So I approached the supervisor to purchase the car. I drove out of that lot a very happy man, with my up-to-date car’s AC blowing on real high.

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