Thermostat with a smart home

The other morning I was feeling a bit nostalgic, seeing classic cartoons on an app on my iphone. When I was a kid, I remember seeing those cartoons on Saturday days while I ate my breakfast. One particular episode featured a duck that purchased this futuristic house with all these buttons that did multiple things for him when he pushed one. The irony of that dawned on me as I was looking at all the apps on my iphone that are designed to make life easier on the user. And for instance, I had been looking at thermostats recently that connect to Wi-Fi & can be controlled from anywhere by an app on my iphone. This is leaps & bounds beyond the digital programmable one I currently have. There are several ones available that let you monitor the temperature in your house at any time, from any location. They also enable you to monitor your heating and cooling system’s overall efficiency. This could prove helpful during the weeks of more drastic weather where you could have the HVAC unit at a lower or higher setting (depending on the season) while at work or away. Turn it on to a more comfortable setting a little bit before you get home. With the influx of smart-thermostat products these days, having your air conditioning or heating equipment function more efficiently for you makes wonderful sense. The duck would be proud.

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