Thermostat is a bone of contention

Would you enjoy hearing a cute story of how I met my partner? We both worked together in the same office, & the two of us did not even like each other in the slightest. We were always bumping heads about our decisions, & the two of us fought often. Then he was eventually transferred to another office, & that is when the two of us started to fall for one another. We were both used to being the boss, so when we got separated it allowed us to undoubtedly get to know each other rather well. Had the two of us stayed in the same place of work, the two of us never would have fallen in love. We always bickered over the dumbest things, like the office Heating & A/C settings. Since we both desired to be the boss, we both always needed to have the final word on the weather conditions control settings for the office environment. Fighting over the a/c is so stupid when you think about it, however that was the sort of relationship the two of us had back then. After he got transferred, everything changes, because now nobody gives me a difficult time about how much to run the cooling machine. I tend to be unquestionably hot all of the time, so I prefer our AC to be frigid & constant, but my partner is seriously different. Too much cooling will easily give him the sniffles almost instantly. We live together, of course, & I have found that away from the office I don’t mind surrendering a little bit of control & letting him set the temperature controls. If a little less Heating & A/C will make for a much happier residence, after that I am okay with it… just not at work!

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