Thermostat changes all over

Well, I don’t intend to get too spooky here, but there is really something wrong with my condo these days. Honestly, I don’t want to say that it’s truly possessed, but it seems pretty clear to me that things are headed in that general direction. I haven’t gone so far as to put in surveillance cams around the condo, Paranormal Activity style, but mostly because I’m afraid of what I might see. But honestly, it’s getting pretty desperate at this juncture. You see, my troubles began when I moved into this condo about 4 weeks ago or so. Initially everything seemed good during the early spring weeks, when the outdoor air temperature was a lovely 60-70 degrees every afternoon with the birds chirping. When summer began to roll in, though, everything changed. With the heat and humidity, my condo suddenly stopped feeling so comfortable. I was forced to close up the windows and thereby lock in my central cooling. Rather quickly the condo was quite chilly and desolate feeling, and the mood of the condo shifted along with the central air conditioning. Well, pretty soon peculiar things were happening. It all started with a few days during which the condo was randomly much colder than I personally had set the thermostat to. So it surprised me to see the thermostat readout 66 degrees all the time. I just figured that the air conditioning was just too powerful for the condo. Then the whole temperature program started turning itself on or off at seemingly random points throughout the day. It was weeks before I realized there was a pattern to the alternating warm and chilly temperatures as well as the HVAC plan power outages. I started to look for hidden messages in the numbers, as if someone were spelling out a cryptic message for the unwanted new homeowner. It was my neighbor, John, who finally pointed out that the smart thermostat I now owned had been carefully programmed by the prior owner.

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