Thermostat because of mercury

Times sure have changed since I was coming up as a kiddo. My room used to be a safe haven, painted the most beautiful shades of green lead paint. I often played with and consumed paste at school and at home. I even knew how to mix up a great Tom Collins for my mom, and the way she liked her cigarettes lit and delivered to her every evening. It was a great time to be a child. I also remember back in school when every one of us took chem classes plus learned briefly about how thermometers worked. I regularly thought it was real cool to play with the mercury in my hand plus watch the way it run all over the arena, I guess they do not let most students do that anymore.  Anyway, if I had one of those old mercury thermometers at my disposal today I guess it would shoot through the roof, until it read a hundred plus 5. It is so sweltering hot here outside that you can barely spend 5 seconds out there separate from splitting a terrible sweat. Even the dog won’t go outside for any length of time since it’s so hot. Thank goodness for the fact that every one of us have a quality Heating plus A/C system to keep us cool and safe. I have the control unit set to 68 degrees inside, plus although that might seem high at first to some the thirty degree difference between the outdoors and indoors certainly felt chilly. Besides, I don’t know if my AC unit can take any more abuse than that! We have been experiencing this brutal heat wave for numerous weeks now plus I certainly hope that it ends soon.

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