There are some faults with the unit

I think I should not be surprised, I genuinely should expect this, and should have no disadvantage feelings about this fact, however, I can’t help however to assume disgruntled and defeated with this most recent development, however what’s going on, you ask? My upstairs level of my beach house is ungodly hot; Again, yes, I have lived in a beach house with a similar floor plan before, and yes, the warm air accumulation upstairs was exactly the same. I think I was naive to think that our air quality would be any different in this new home, however I assume I fell victim to wishful thinking! Rather than relocating to our brand new beach house with the satisfactory expectation that our upstairs family rooms would constantly be many degrees warmer than the rest of the house, no matter the thermostat settings, I actually hoped that a higher quality cooling program and beach house construction would circumvent this air quality curse. Well, dreams don’t constantly come true. It turns out that our top floor is just as hot and humid as could be, however sure, it doesn’t help that our A/C component is well over 10 years old, however I’m also pretty sure that the lack of attic insulation isn’t helping our cause either. Whenever the beach house inspector poked his head up into the attic, he let us think that that present insulation was in exhausting shape; There was little heat being trapped inside or outside of the beach house with the 2 inches of old insulation up there, and he recommended all of us have it upgraded right away for energy efficiency. Well, all of us had superb intentions in demanding that the seller upgraded the insulation, however they had their own ideas about energy expenditure! By that, I mean they spent as little energy as possible to install yet another layer of exhausting bad insulation, and now the beach house is all ours, and our top floor is still as warm as ever.  

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