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It was one of the worst summer seasons on record and of course I failed to get our cooling system tuned up in the Springtime.  After a little time, that’s when the inevitable occured, the cooling system broke! It was such a frenzy for that family, but it was all my fault.  It looked as though I was going for stupid dad of the year… I tried to alleviate the situation by ringing around to various Heating & Air Conditioning places, however they were all slammed for numerous weeks. I tried all the other stores in the section but had no luck finding any cooling systems anywhere, my kid said I ought to try purchasing some window cooling units on the web as well as have them shipped here overnight. I never would have done that, as well as it was so much better than waiting forever in the terrible heat. My kid helped the family find some good deals on the websites, so we found these easily good window system units for sale, but since they had such a good price, we bought 3 of them, and they would be sent overnight, so we still had to wait about in the heat. In that time, I decided to check around in the garage to see what I could find out there. I found this giant box with a bunch of dirt on it.  When I wiped the dirt away, I saw that it was a window cooling system device of some sort. I might have put that there some decade ago! I didn’t consider how well it would operate however it was something! I installed it instantaneously into our dining room and adjusted the thermostat on it and right away, refreshing sweet air came flowing from the old thing. We all just sat around the cooling system so we could cool it. It was such a great feeling however we couldn’t wait for the awesome cooling units that were to show up the next day.

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