The temperature is not where I want it

In these terribly tepid months, if you want to take your cooling (and heating) game up a notch, and save some money while you’re at it, swapping out your old, sleepy temperature control for a new, new smart temperature control is the way to go.  If your old temperature control is not too old, the wiring should be quite easy to connect to the new, smart temperature control. Smart because the new temperature controls can be not only programmed to come on or go off at certain pre-programmed times, however with the new smart temperature control technology, you can virtually “talk” to your temperature control while you are away from the house, via a smartPC app.  Also with smart temperature controls, you can create a custom schedule, view usage history (especially if you suspect that one of your guys are playing with the temperature control while you are away), and these new smart temperature controls just plain look pretty cool and are easy to install and to use. One of the most interesting features of these new smart temperature controls is the ability for that temperature control to learn the users habits.  The smart technology allows the temperature control to remember your adjustments, and will, over time, commit those temperature control adjustments to its memory, so you won’t even have to worry about manually making any temperature control changes throughout the day. Or, you could just take some time when you install the temperature control and set up an auto-changing schedule, however if you are patient enough to wait a couple of weeks, the temperature control will do it for you.  Now that’s what I call, smart.

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