The temperature control can be cold

The weather in the area where I live is extremely impactful. The cooling system in my beach house is easily the most pressing issue.  See, I am forced to have the air conditioner on just about all year long. Despite spending more money to purchase a better quality air conditioner, it still can cost me, and nearly everyone else who does the same, so much money.  I do everything I can to reduce energy waste, trim costs & lessen the wear & tear on the cooling unit. Along with caulking around windows & improving the level of insulation in the walls, I’ve tried other preventative measures, like contacting a local HVAC dealer for repairs and maintenance.  The HVAC business inspects, cleans & adjusts the air conditioner every year if need be, resolving any complications that can arise & replacing any broken parts that may need it. I noticed that every time the HVAC business checked the system, they told me about buildup of mold within the HVAC system.  This is scary because it blocks airflow, impacting comfort, and causing the air conditioner to work harder. Not to mention, it costs myself and others even more every month in utility bills! The mold spores become airborne whenever the air conditioner starts up, contaminating indoor air quality & leading to health complications.  When I inquired as to how to prevent microbial growth within the air conditioner, the business suggested that I invest in a germicidal UV light. The light incorporates directly into the cooling unit, producing UV light to prevent the growth & spread of bacteria. The light operates silently, thankfully, and requires little to no repair, & protects the integrity of the air conditioner & health of my home.

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