The store’s icky air conditioning

When my spouse tore up our old ceramic tile floor in the dining room so he could replace it with this new kind of radiant flooring, both of us couldn’t believe all of the stuff that we found underneath the old floor, there’s nothing as messy or gross as breaking up plus getting rid of old dirty ceramic tile! All of the dust from the broken ceramic goes everywhere: It gets in your eyes, your ears, your nose, plus even in the ventilation ducts of your heating plus cooling system. I never even thought about how it might block up the air ducts, but once he got all of the tile taken out of our rather big dining room, it seemed that our air conditioning stopped certainly working to its full capacity. The temperature in our home became so warm because of the high summer season temperatures outside that I ended up calling the local heating and a/c company to come out and check out our Heating plus A/C system… He took one look at all the broken tiles outside the dining room door in a large pile and he started shaking his head. He said that he was on a call to repair a broken air conditioning Last month too, but it was another home renovation work. That one was a drywall work, although he said that the problem with the Heating plus A/C ventilation system was exactly the same: too much excess dust from the drywall work had blocked up the a/c; After just seconds after changing the air filters, our a/c was back to normal.

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