The still air cooling device

When I moved into my first high rise apartments downtown, I had to purchase my own cooling plan because the apartments did not come with an air conditioner.  I could not live one day without my air conditioner. I hate when it gets too tepid outside, it makes it actually strenuous to move around and clean the apartment.  Since I lived on the 25th floor downtown and I wasn’t feeling too confident having a window air conditioner unit. I was actually paranoid that the component would fall out of my window and kill someone.  I think I was entirely overthinking this at the time, however I couldn’t shake the paranoia. I decided I would visit my local heating and cooling company to talk to them about what choices they had. I entered feeling very hopeful that they would be able to help me with a solution to my cooling problem however to my surprise they were!  The manager told me that I get this standing air conditioner that sits right on the floor and it has a hose similar to a dryer hose that vents out a window. He said this air conditioner is completely reliable and it is easy to install and to take out of the window. He also added that I wouldn’t lose the view out of my window by using this particular air conditioner unit.  After listening to everything he had to say I was sold. I purchased the air conditioner model he was telling me about. I even purchased the extended warranty and the service agreement just incase anything went wrong. The HVAC company even had it delivered to my home the same day! I loved this air conditioner unit. If I ever had to go back to air conditioner units over central air that would be the kind I would get.

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