The smart HVAC control

My wife and I run a home-based supplier together as partners, and she handles buyer relations and sales, while I handle the finances and the website management. We opened our business five years ago and our business has tripled since we first opened. I can go to work and stay in my pajamas all day, that is genuinely hard to beat! It is not all peachy and perfect because we are starting to but heads more frequently over trivial things. That is what happens when you spend so much time together though. One of our main points of contention is the control over the thermostat.  We spend most of the day in the office that is located on the second floor of our home which suffers from incredible heating problems during the summer time. The insulation in the roof is not great, so all of the upstairs rooms heat up during the day and require an excessive amount of cooling to balance it out. My wife is one of the women who is freezing all the time, so she is happy with the AC running at a minimum while we are working. I do not run cold, my body heat is higher than everyone on a good day, so I find myself sneaking off to adjust the thermostat whenever she is not looking. Afterwards, she will constantly complain about the AC running too much, which often sets off an fight. We might have to just split into two offices, one that runs the AC and one that does not. That will solve the problem.

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