The shower is pouring out water

My girlfriend, Amber, is a professional plumber.  She has her own plumbing business that’s very successful.  Having a plumber for a girlfriend is really handy. She handles any of my plumbing related issues, & it doesn’t cost me hardly anything.  She’s more than willing to clean my drains, upgrade my faucets, repair my toilet & service my water heater. I don’t want to take advantage of her, & consistently make sure to take her out to  dinner & offer to help her out with her errands and such. I warned Amber to hide her profession from my family. I come from a pretty nosy family, & I knew they’d all love to have access to Amber’s free plumbing services.  Unfortunately, while the two of us were having dinner at my mom & dad’s house, their toilet quit running. Despite my warnings, Amber went out to her car, got some tools & fixed the problem. Every since then, my family has been calling Amber for plumbing repair.  My older sister, Robin, got her to repair her garbage disposal, & Jill, my younger sister, asked her to install a new sink in her bathroom. My older cousin relied on Amber to upgrade his water heater, & my father asked her to handle a clogged drain in his kitchen.  My girlfriend is spending all of her free time providing help for my family, & I told her it needs to stop. When my younger brother began talking about problems with his septic, I put my foot down and told my family that they need to call Amber while she’s working & set up a time for repair.   

water heater installation 

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