The shop needs good a/c

My friend Isabella and I went back to our favorite pizza place yesterday. While anything you order there comes out top notch, the service there is just as amazing as the menu selections. Every time we walk about to the counter we are greeted with a friendly hello. I’m sure this may also have to do with the fact that Isabella and I are in there at least once a week, making us well-known customers. When we walked in yesterday, we immediately knew something was wrong. The place was burning up, and we felt it immediately. It felt like we had walked into the pizza oven instead of the front entrance. I had wondered why it looked so deserted from outside. It wasn’t hard to see why once we stepped in. Isabella and I went up to the counter and asked why it was so hot in there. The boy behind the counter told us that their air conditioner stopped working this morning and they were currently awaiting the HVAC worker’s arrival so it could be taken care of. In spite of the suffocating heat, Isabella and I went ahead and ordered our usual pizza. While we waited, we had to walk outside. Being in there had us sweating bullets. It didn’t help that the kitchen was still in full swing boiling pasta and baking pizza after pizza. The heat from all of the cooking didn’t help one bit. They unfortunately had no control over it, and I knew that, but it was still torture to stand in there. When we were leaving with our pizza in tow, the HVAC serviceman arrived and began fiddling with the air conditioner equipment. It was nice to have proof that the AC would be running just fine for our next visit.

HVAC repairman

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