The service center

My neighbor asked me to tag along to the home improvement show in town.  I never like going to them because all it does is fill my head with dreams about home improvements I really can’t afford. We came home from the show, and like always, my neighbor had several people lined up to give him estimates on the newest upgrade he was planning. Last year they added on a sunroom to the back of their house and I have to admit that it is pretty cool. I really wish that we were in a position to make improvements like they do, but, student loans and low paying jobs don’t make that easy.  For now, we are just hoping that everything around our own house continues to work and we don’t have any big repair bills. Anyway, the neighbor’s new project is making changes to the HVAC system in their house. When they added on the sunroom they did not include any sort of heating and cooling in that area because they felt they would only be using it while we had warmer weather. They now want to be able to utilize the area year-round so they need to find an efficient way to heat and cool the space. They don’t want to go to the expense of connecting into their existing HVAC system and he said that he learned about several forms of technology that they could utilize in the new space. By installing something like a mini split unit that can hang on the wall they can keep the sunroom as a separate zone and only turn on the heat or air conditioning when needed.


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