The school should have ac

I don’t understand the way the minds of the school administration works.  They sit in their comfortable air conditioned offices and make all of the decisions for the school.  The secretaries are in their air conditioned offices, always wearing smiles, and they greet the children and the parents as they come into the school.  Anyone who goes to school activities, gets to sit in a gymnasium that has air conditioning. What about the children who are stuck in their classrooms all day, without air conditioning.  I didn’t realize how bad it was in the classroom, until I had to spend a full day in there while I was volunteering. I had sweat running off me, before the day had barely begun. I saw the rosy cheeks on the kids, and I realized it wasn’t their youth, but the heat in the room.  What happened to putting children first when it came to education. There was a ton of electronic equipment that were all putting off heat. They had computers, learning robots and television, but no air conditioning. I knew that something had to be done, but no one seemed to want to broach the subject.  I prepared a bunch of petitions and I began to hand them out to all of the parents, asking them to get as many signature as they could. Those parents who never volunteered, didn’t think it was a big deal, and they said they didn’t have air conditioning when they went to school. I didn’t have AC in my school, but I didn’t have all of the electronics to add heat to the rooms, when I was in school.  We need to protect our children’s health and demand AC in all of the classrooms.

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