The pilot lighting on a heater

I love the gas furnace in my first apartment, up until the day that we lost power. Without warning, we got hit with a late fall snowstorm, causing the entire area to lose power. That meant no heat or lights for the unknown future. About the only warm thing that I still had access to was the water. There was still quite a bit of hot water remaining in the hot water tank. So I would take a quick hot shower every so often to warm up. Then I’d quickly jump under lots of blankets and snuggle to stay warm with my two cats. This went on for a few days until the power finally came back on while I was away at class. When I got home, the lights that were on when the power went out were on. The only problem was that the apartment was still cold. When I took a look at the thermostat, it registered at fifty three degrees. I went to the basement to check on things and saw that the pilot light was out. Before I tried anything on my own, I called the landlord. He was sorry that he couldn’t get anyone over there in the near future. It seemed that everybody was still having problems. So when I called my brother, he patiently described how to relight the pilot light so that the furnace could start running. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, and before long the apartment slowly began to warm up. About every hour I would look at my thermostat, happily reading it as the temperature rose. It took awhile, but the wonderful heat helped thaw me out. I certainly learned something about furnaces, hot water heaters, and pilot lights as a result of the power outage.

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