The old CD-ROM collection that taught me to fix my own appliances

You know how there’s all those old CD-ROM games and videos at the library? Buried in a bin somewhere in the back, these old discs are relics of the past that have little to no place in any classroom today. Technology today is far more immerse and hands-on, rendering the old ways obsolete… or so I thought. I was at my local library browsing through some old audiobook CDs, and that’s when I found an entire box set of virtual training for HVAC equipment, home appliances, and other equipment around the house. It was only five bucks, so what’s the damage if I buy it, right? I took the box home and put in the first disc, which was focused on heating, ventilation and A/C repair. The graphics were terrible, and the acting wasn’t much better, but the material was there and surprisingly easy to pick up on. There were several practical lessons that I had to partake in, like choosing which tool I needed to access the inside of an outdoor compressor unit, or making sure I test the electric current to avoid getting shocked. Despite the obvious age difference, I found the entire CD-ROM to be incredibly educational and helpful. I had the perfect opportunity to test out my skills when my air conditioner started acting up, and the air quality in my house was taking a nosedive. Following the lessons from the software exactly, I opened up my outdoor unit to see what was causing the problem. Sure enough, there was a bunch of leaves and yard debris that fell into the unit, and was clogging it up and preventing the fan from pulling air into the house effectively. I felt so accomplished, and especially happy. I must’ve saved hundreds of dollars by not having to count on a professional to come by and do the same work!

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