The number on the dial

On my desk is a note that is supposed to remind myself and others to call as well as schedule an HVAC inspection–last year, I made a vow to do this every spring from now on because of the mishap I had with my multi split air conditioning! It was the middle of July; I was getting ready to have all of my friends as well as neighbors over for a barbecue… The event had been planned for a month, so the people I was friends with and I were all eager for the date. However, I woke up that afternoon to find that my central air conditioning wouldn’t switch on. After toying with the HVAC zone controls for a few hours, I realized that there was no way that it was going to switch the cooling system on. My only choice was to call the HVAC maintenance provider and be patient. When I was told that they wouldn’t be able to get the the maintenance for almost a week, I was shocked! I had no clue that the wait times could be so long. It was because it was peak season; the heat had led to a number of people around town to have major A/C concerns as well. I ended up having to improvise with my party. There would be no inside eating area for anyone; without the central air the home would be too uncomfortable to enjoy. I ended up using a couple of large umbrellas as well, putting them over some tables in the backyard so that people could rest out there as well as endelight their food. While this worked out relatively well, I was still bummed that things didn’t go quite as planned. That’s when I vowed to have the central air system diagnosed in the spring season from there on out.

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