The manager here is a great guy

My brother is in school & plays hockey on their team. He is seriously gifted & actually made it into university on a scholarship for hockey. There is a strong sense among the people who follow all of the games that he could definitely make his way into the NHL. That easily works for me since it is a dream of his to do so. I totally adore going to his games & seeing him out there juking the other players & scoring all kinds of goals. It genuinely does seem at times as though there is nobody else even close to being in the same league as him. I suppose that it would have to seem that way for him to be a future NHL player. The only thing I can’t stand when watching him play is how nippy it gets in there. I understand that you need to keep the building that houses a rink of ice really cold, however occasionally it is overly cold. On more than one occasion I have felt the air conditioner vent blowing hard on me from overhead. How freezing does it need to be anyway? I have considered bringing in a little space heating component with me to keep warm, despite the fact that I am pretty sure that would be easily frowned upon. I wonder how hard it would be to find the control room & modify the temperature control settings? Not to turn the oil furnace on or anything bizarre like that; just so I could turn the temperature control up enough so the air conditioner equipment doesn’t run all of the time while we are watching the game. I just feel all of us should be a little more snug while giving the school cash to watch our family members play.

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