The job and a/c

I literally love driving trucks. I am not talking about a pickup truck. I like the huge trucks. My job is a fulfillment of that love. I spend my days driving semis across the US hauling goods as well as making memories. I have been a truck operator for almost fifteen years, as well as I will never stop. Since I am officially a substitute driver, I never easily suppose what semi I’ll be utilizing or where I’ll be moving from day to day. Although not realizing what semi you will be driving may make some fret, it makes me excited for the challenge. I love my job. One of the toughest aspects about my job is when I have to utilize older semis. Occasionally, I’ll be tasked with a truck that has no A/C as well as have to roam across the country in a overheated truck with sweat dripping down my body. Other times, I have to utilize an older truck with not heating system in the dead of December. I remember 1 circumstance when I drove far up North, as well as the heating system in the semi I was driving stopped finally toiling. It was freezing! Luckily, I had a great pal who resided near 1 of my stops, as well as she brought me a hefty Winter coat, gloves, a hat, as well as multiple wool blankets. In another circumstance, I was going out West in an seasoned semi, as well as the A/C quit toiling on me. I kept the blower on, but it was just blasting overheated air into my face making me feel even more dreadful. It is times as these that I become much more thrilled with the days when I get to drive the newer semis which supply me no complication with heat or AC.

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