The installation should be done soon

I have been having the worst complications with my skin, but then i tend to have dry scaly skin as it is. But, this summertime it has seemed as though the problem is getting worse. I am not that old, and my food has not changed severely in any way so I am at a loss. My mom to take me to go see a dermatologist. She was losing sleep that it could be something more than just dry skin. I thought she was being dramatic but I humored her anyways. I had never seen a dermatologist before. He started right away asking about  my eating and exercising habits. But, when he asked my mom and I about my apartment heating and cooling system, I looked at him like he was crazy. He laughed, then he proceeded to explain that people do not always realized that there are chemicals in many of the HVAC products, then different air filters can use weird synthetics that irritate one’s breathing or in, my case, the skin. He suggested that I call in our local HVAC worker to do a full assessment of the house. He prescribed me a topical cream then sent myself and others on my way. My mom was actually surprised by the diagnosis, but she followed through with the recommendation… The HVAC worker arrived the next morning to explain to us in depth about the different air filters. It was true that ours were causing the skin complications. He showed us which filters would be better for our place and said that he could have them installed by the end of the week. The cost was rough, but our health is important.

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