The IAQ in our diner

I live in a fairly major city… We always have something new opening up all over the place. It might be a new diner, a new club, or even a new museum. When a new bistro opened up across the street, they were advertising all over the place. We got flyers on our door knobs and flyers in our mailbox. They definitely did plenty of advertising, and that made want to try the place out. I think their plan worked nicely, because we were there on the opening night. The whole eatery smelled just like garlic and olive oil, and I was gleeful to try the food for the first time. We were seated near the kitchen, and we could easily hear the staff working. It didn’t take long before our waiter arrived to let us know about the weekly specials. She brought us a bottle of wine and breadsticks for the table. When she left to put our order in, I actually felt drops of water hitting my neck. I noticed it was coming from the HVAC vents over head. Since the locale was so hot and busy, beads of moisture had accumulated outside of the HVAC vent. Those drops just kept dripping down on all of us and our table. We told the server, and she said our table could be moved. The staff came out and moved our table closer to the kitchen area. The dripping problem had ceased after that, however we were having a great deal of trouble hearing our own conversation over the chatter inside the kitchen. The food was undoubtedly tasty, however the leaking air vent left a fairly disappointing impression on us.

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