The HVAC was leaking

My fiance surprised myself the other day by arranging a extravagant clandestine meeting. Her kids area in their teens and we haven’t been alone for months. Between tae kwon do practice and  dance recitals, our days are full of activities. By the end of the evening we are lucky if we have time to talk to each other, so I didn’t expect an early birthday surprise, but my fiance made all the preparations. She myself and a SMS message around noon, me to meet her by interstate. She said her automobile was broke down in the parking lot of the Red Roof In; My boss was happy to let me go, so I could help service the faulty tire! When I arrived to the parking lot, my fiance was adorned in my favorite dress. She had my favorite lunch in the car, plus she rented us a room. It was a good day. When we were finishing our peach pie, my fiance noticed a drip under the Heating and A/C unit.  I wasn’t paying any attention to the Heating and A/C unit, although she insisted that we investigate the issue. Soon, the drip became a significant leak, the carpet under the Heating and A/C component was saturated with water already, so the component must have been leaking for along time. She decided it was best to call the manager to notify them of the Heating and A/C leak. After that, we started heading back to our apartment in the suburbs. I still had the rest of the day, the two of us took a long walk on the beach.

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