The HVAC has been a pain

I think that my sister, Leah, must have won the lottery or something because she’s been throwing cash around like crazy. She bought a new boat for her and her husband, as well as took them on a cruise to some tropical islands. In addition to that, she is now moving on to her house. She thinks her house is outdated and wants to renovate everything from the floor up. They have no problem ripping everything out since they want to start fresh. Leah confessed to me that she is already in contact with an HVAC company that will install hydronic heating in her home. The hydronic furnace is a boiler combined with radiant floors. The boiler goes in the basement in addition to piping links to the boiler. The pipes then go underneath the floorboards. The warm water from the boiler goes into the piping in order to create the radiant floors. This type of furnace is one of the most costly options for heating one’s home, since there’s so much equipment. You need to buy a pricey boiler, piping, and then the heating installation itself. How Leah is able to afford this baffles me. I know she will need to buy an A/C unit in addition to the heater, which means she’ll need to hire the same HVAC company to do this installation. The costs just keep stacking up. If she won the lottery, she better share her earnings with me, because I’m getting jealous looking at all of her home renovations! I should look into hydronic heating for my place.

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