The HVAC equipment

Back when I was a young guy, I wasn’t good with saving my money. I was straight out of college with a degree in Heating and Air Conditioning. I went from working for almost nothing at a local restaurant to making more than twenty-five dollars an hour. I thought the money would last me forever, and so I spent it as fast as I got paid. So, I moved into a luxury apartment, bought a new car, and opened up several credit cards. I treated all of my dates to extravagant and fancy suppers. I was living like a really rich guy, until my Heating and Air Conditioning dealer laid numerous people off. That’s because I’d only been there for a few months. I was the very first one to get cut. It took numerous months for me to find another job. I didn’t have much experience at the job, after all. I couldn’t pay my credit cards, power bill, or my rent. I got a little bit of money from my unemployment compensation, however it did not cover half of our debts! Luckily, our landlord took pity on me. She even arranged for me to do some Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance around the property. The Heating and Air Conditioning repairs kept me pretty busy, and I ending up working off the rent. My landlord was definitely impressed with my Heating and Air Conditioning skills; she offered me a job! Turns out she needed a new maintenance supervisor for a large one of their properties. The best part about the new job was getting to live in my condo for free. The rent was included with my new salary. I still work for that same person, even ten years later.  

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