The hottest days of summer

Well, at least the drinks were cool. Condensation formed in beads on the outside of the glass sitting on the table in front of me, and I wrapped my hands around it, enjoying the icy coolness. It was steamy outside… My friend and I had spent the morning visiting the shopping district of our city, plus decided to escape the heat by entering a small restaurant for food plus drinks.

              I had requested a salad plus she a burger, plus now we waited. The waitress had just delivered our drinks plus I took a long sip. I just couldn’t seem to cool off. I asked my friend if she, too, felt sizzling, and she replied that she did. It wasn’t just me. This restaurant was just as sizzling as outside. A ceiling fan rattled noisily above us but it did little to cool the crowded room. I asked the waitress if they possibly could turn down the a/c. She replied that their Heating & A/C proposal was broken plus that they were waiting for a Heating & A/C professional to arrive plus repair their HVAC.  I hoped he would get here soon!

           My salad arrived, all wilted from the heat. I hadn’t any appetite. I was so sticky plus annoyed from the lack of a/c that I couldn’t even make myself eat. I had no thought that heating plus cooling were so vital to my existence, that it affected my appetite.  A broken Heating & A/C proposal led me to have a terrible experience at this restaurant plus I really won’t go back. I hope the Heating & A/C professional turned up plus got everything back in working order. Air conditioning can help or hinder your morning when it is stifling hot outside!


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