The heater can’t be fixed

This is the third time this year i’ve had to have an HVAC specialist out to fix the HVAC system. I am now thinking it might be a wonderful time to invest in a brand new heating and cooling system, instead of paying to fix our old oil furnace. I’ve been thinking about adding an air conditioning system unit to our HVAC unit anyway. I just started looking into how much it would cost, and while the prices seem higher than I was expecting, if I consider what I’ve already spent to fix our old system, all the new capabilities the new heating and cooling system would have, and I wouldn’t need to pay for fixes for at least a year after it was installed, I suppose it might just be the better deal to go with the new HVAC system. I’m not getting everything I need out of our out-of-date HVAC unit, so I’m paying all this money to fix something that doesn’t even fit our needs when I could spend a bit more and get everything I’m looking for. It just seems to me like that would be more worth our money. I still want to do some more research and visit a few HVAC showrooms in our area. I’d also like to discuss the costs of replacement with our heating and cooling specialist before I make any final decisions. In short, I want to be absolutely sure I’m making the right choice before I do anything I will regret later on.

HVAC plan

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