The heat is driving the customers away

There’s nothing more chilling than stepping out of a wonderful, hot shower on a frigid winter day and then your feet touch the tile that is colder than the ice on a hockey rink.  The sensation will wake you up faster than falling on the ice. And this all makes be start my day on the wrong foot: the cold wrong foot!! At least it does for me, plus I’ve dealt with for the 10 years I have lived in this house.  Showers aside, I hate that the bathroom in my home seems disconnected from the rest of our house’s heating system. I have found that it is always frigid in there – even after a long, hot shower. For this very reason, I decided to renovate the flooring of the bathroom. This was going to be a two-step process. First, I was going to use a heat-friendly ceramic flooring tile. Second, I was going to install a floor heating system with electric cables running  through the floor to heat it from below. This is really smart, right? The plan is essentially heat cables plus a thermostat, so the installation is straight-forward if you want to do it yourself. Laying the cable down was a matter of keeping the cable evenly spaced out, plus connecting it to a power supply and also to a thermostat. It was pretty much that simple and straightforward! Once the cable was laid, I just had to put down a thin felt-like protective layer between the wires plus the tile.  Then all I had to do was lay the tile and grout and I was done! The entire process of redoing the bathroom floor seemed so simple, I genuinely thought I could handle doing it all on our own. The costs were much lower than expected, plus I got exactly what I wanted since I did it all myself.

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