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My husband and I attend a wonderful old church with magnificent architecture and wonderful designs, but the building is known far and wide for its stained glass windows. There are tours given throughout the year. The people who attend our church are devoted to the care of the building and volunteers regularly attend to the needs of the aging structure. There is one issue that many of us have raised, and that is the fact that is that we freeze during the Winter church services. At the biweekly business meetings, this topic is regularly raised, and it’s understood the cost of replacing the old heating unit is beyond our meager budget. I decided to chair a committee to research the costs of the boiler replacement and  how to go about paying for it. After requesting bids from several HVAC companies the boiler replacement project was underway.Once the proposals were reviewed we selected the plan that operated at the lowest rate with the highest efficiency. We also liked the fire tube exchanger feature. The HVAC specialist that would be installing the new boiler had excellent references and his boiler unit had quiet operation and environmental sustainability. Once we chose the HVAC company we started looking at finances. We applied for a grant and were approved for the full amount. Once the new boiler was installed we noticed a significant savings on our utility bills. The thermostat was easy to use to control the separate zones of the building, and the unit  also allowed us to reboot the boiler if needed. What once was a chilly church has now become a wonderfully warm church.

heating unit 

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