The event’s heating equipment

In our city, the is a mansion that is used for an arts and crafts show every year. They also used the building for weddings and other fancy events.  The people I was with and I were interested to view what the artists plus crafters wanted to sell. However, this year, it felt like the WInter had continued on into the Spring. In fact it had flurried a bit as both of us drove to the venue that day.  It was cool but not frosty. As we entered the building, we were immediately awed at the size of the building. We found out that the house was built hundreds of years ago for a wealthy family, and it had been restored and is now used for events like this. The entire building was filled with people either viewing or selling various thing.  It was frosty when our brother plus I got there plus both of us had worn our sweaters into the show. However, this building was way too sizzling for our tastes. There was one thing that the event hosts had not thought of while adjusting the HVAC unit in the building. When you fill a building to max capacity, you should turn the HVAC unit lower. Humans give off a lot of body heat. As we walked through the rooms, the HVAC unit was making the rooms more and more stuffy, and we began undressing out of our layers and sweating profusely. Because the HVAC setting was so uncomfortable, we quickly rushed through the gallery and left straight afterwards. I never realized how important the HVAC setting could be while trying to display and sell art to customers. I will remember this in the future.

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