The coolest joint

Just last weekend, my friends and I went to this nice little bar. They had a jam session night going on and it was really great. Various people would get up and either play music, do comedy, or poetry readings. They would sometimes be solo, sometimes be in groups. There were stand up comedy acts which had us laughing like crazy. There were people just jamming out on various musical instruments which was great. I especially loved some of the piano players and saxophone players. Something that I was especially impressed with in this joint was the amazing air quality. There were people smoking cigars and plenty of drinking going on, but it wasn’t so bad. They had a really great air purification system in this joint. I actually learned this from talking to the owner of the establishment. He was serious about his air quality so he invested in a top-of-the-line air purification system. He said that it really paid for itself since he got such great business all of the time because of it. He has received all sorts of compliments all of the time because of the excellent air quality. The HVAC system was also great. He used a smart thermostat so he could change the temperature control on a moment’s notice. Since he was pretty much all over the place, it would be rather inconvenient to go all the way to the temperature control unit to adjust the climate control. I certainly was impressed and I definitely would be going back often! Perhaps I would even do a little poetry reading or something like that. The owner highly encouraged that sort of participation.


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