The coffee stained onto the fireplace

Right at the beginning of the frosty season, my stupid boyfriend Keenan spilled pop all over my fireplace. My gas fireplace is decorated with a glass plate that shows a fake burning fire. It is a little cheesy looking, however pretty. Right now the fireplace looks to me like a dump, then this spilled pop burned onto the glass plate plus totally hides the fire. My living room’s whole fireplace looks dirty plus crusty. I could go through and disinfect the wood ledge plus top of the heater. I also could certainly also disinfect my carpet in front of my heater. The glass plate in question, though, is still disgusting. The reason is that the glass is care about lava every day. It is so tepid that my actual paper towel would honestly burn onto it. What I need to do here is wait for a sizzling spell or the sizzling season. Then it will be easy, I can turn off the fireplace, the glass will cool down, plus then every one of us could disinfect it. For right now at this point though, there is nothing I can do. I hate looking at my gross fireplace for right now. It used to be the prettiest plus largest focal point in the living room, but for now I don’t want to have people over to see it. My dude even gave to come over plus try to disinfect it. I almost want to go and take him up on his offer, even if he burns his dumb hands.

gas fireplace

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