The cars are flying now

I am really horrible when it comes to remembering to do certain things. Deadlines are sure to be missed and if there is something I need to do on any given day, I’m bound to forget it. I always forget to file when tax season comes around, and every year I forget to get my car inspected until after it expires. I am almost always late turning in my work too. I’m just not great at getting things done. I am the type to just go with the flow and get things done when I get to them. My HVAC system undoubtedly is the recipient of this treatment as well, which is a bad habit to have. I usually forget to have it serviced every year and they go neglected. When it’s hot outside I just turn the A/C on, even though I’ve forgotten to have it serviced by the HVAC technician. In the rare case that I do remember, there is usually a waiting list for an appointment and I never get called back for it. In the winter it’s the same thing. It gets cold and the furnace comes on. I always wait too long to get an appointment if I do end up remembering. It a good thing I have a pretty resilient HVAC system. So far it has come on faithfully every year, even if it makes a few weird noises now and then. Every so often I will treat it to a servicing, but it usually just has to live with it.

air conditioning tune-up 

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